As someone with an affinity for subcultures, counter-cultures, and anything that stands out from the crowd, I have always been fascinated by renaissance festivals. One of the largest “ren faires” in the country also happens to take place in a neighboring town to where I grew up, and many friends spent their summers working at the faire. The characters were unique and colorful, and I wanted to explore the idea of “fantasy” and what that meant to the people who attend this event. While on the festival circuit with Bending Steel, I met filmmaker Jarred Alterman and pitched the idea to him. We began collaborating on the film in fall 2013, and the film premiered at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. It was acquired by the art and culture publication Aeon, and was named a Vimeo Staff Pick garnering over 50,000 views.

Full film can be viewed HERE.



Documentary Short


2014 Rooftop Films Alumni Grant Recipient, 2016 Vimeo Staff Pick


Tribeca Film Festival (World Premiere), London Short Film Festival (International Premiere), Independent Film Festival Boston, Maryland Film Festival, Eastern Oregon Film Festival, SF Docs, Oak Cliff Film Festival, Rooftop Film Series, Sidewalk Film Festival, Camden International Film Festival, Tacoma Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, Hot Springs Documentary Festival, Indie Memphis Film Festival, Napa Valley Film Festival


The Huffington Post lovingly calls the film "9 minutes of Elizabethan frivolity."